Chronos 2.0 Build

Chronos 2.0 is a Time Lapse camera slide with lead screw control.



Designed built and loved by Chris Field.
See Facebook page for contact details.
The home can be found here.
The Vimeo site is here and the Facebook page.

This will be my build blog as I have just received the kit.


The delivery was fast and the packaging very good.




All secure with bubble wrap and cable ties.

All parts wrapped, bagged and in excellent condition upon arrival.

Next, to start the build…

The rail build is very straight forward, everything just fits & fits well.

Above is the far end.

Above is far end with legs.

Above is far end showing bearing, the bearing was a press fit into the end, nice.

Above, stepper end with coupler and drive shaft. Drive shaft needed to be cut to size, simple job with hacksaw.

Above far end with carriage, drive shaft & limit switch wire. The limit switch wire for the far end runs through the rail. Another nice touch.

Above start of the control box build.

Above, end of the control box build. There is about 150 solder joints in the control box build so by the end my soldering was up to scratch.

Above, control box ready to close the lid after testing and calibration of switches.

I have tested the controller & I have movement in both directions. Next is to mount & wire up the limit switches.

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