Three Camera Study

Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera @26mm

I was setting up my Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera and I had worked out the following details,

  • Focal Length of 26mm
  • Aperture 0.15mm
  • F-Stop of f187

I thought I would test out as much as possible during the first roll, so I decided to shoot the same scene with the Vermeer & my 5D3. I also added in the Fuji GSW690iii as well just to give another perspective.

The first image below is the Vermeer, followed by the Fuji & then the 5D3, I used my 16-35 set to 28mm on the 5D3 & the Fuji is reported to equivalent to 28mm as well so a good comparison between all three. The export from Lightroom was set to truncate the long side to 900 pixels as has been suggested as optimal for this site. I setup a tripod to use so each camera would have the same orientation.

Looking at all three, the Vermeer looks to be wider than 26mm possibly 24 or 22mm.  The Fuji looks to be less than the reported 28mm, 26mm maybe, that is if the 16-35mm lens markings are correct.


Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera @26mm
Fuji GSW690iii @ 28mm
Canon 5D3, 16-35mm @28mm