Chronos 2.0 Build

Chronos 2.0 is a Time Lapse camera slide with lead screw control.   Designed built and loved by Chris Field. See Facebook page for contact details. The home can be found here. The Vimeo site is here and the Facebook page. This will be my build blog as I have just received the kit.  … Continue reading Chronos 2.0 Build

Macro Slide for Focus Stacking

My third Arduino project was inspired by the second, the Timelapse Slide. This project was to include an existing Manfrotto 454 Micrometric Positioning Sliding Plate. with this slide & a stepper motor I hope to be able to do some Focus Stacking have a look at Zerene Stacker the software I intend to use. Attached… Continue reading Macro Slide for Focus Stacking