Pine Plains Lodge

Kathleen and myself were blessed with being able to spend a few days at the O’Sullivan’s Pine Plains Lodge in Wyperfeld National Park during June 2020. Below is just a few images from our stay. The Shearing Shed Behind the Lodge hidden under a mighty peppercorn tree is the old Shearing Shed, it turned out… Continue reading Pine Plains Lodge

Analogue to Digital Scanning Take 3

This is now my third set up for scanning film negatives and printed images and the best so far. The image above shows the setup, my Magnifax II enlarger stand, along with a tripod head hold the Canon 5D Mk3 in position. The 5D3 which is now tethered to a MacBook Pro, along with the… Continue reading Analogue to Digital Scanning Take 3

The Melbourne Camera Club Photowalk July 2018

Have been thinking of joining The Melbourne Camera Club for a little while now. Browsing their website I found the post for a Photowalk so I thought I’d participate to have a look.  The theme was B&W which fitted right in with my current interest shooting older B&W film cameras. Below is a series of… Continue reading The Melbourne Camera Club Photowalk July 2018

Three Camera Study

Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera @26mm

I was setting up my Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera and I had worked out the following details, Focal Length of 26mm Aperture 0.15mm F-Stop of f187 I thought I would test out as much as possible during the first roll, so I decided to shoot the same scene with the Vermeer & my 5D3. I… Continue reading Three Camera Study

Fuji GSW690iii Roll Three

Roll three out of the Fuji GSW690iii saw a few shots out at Stones of the Yarra Valley after I shot with my Pinhole camera. A couple of long exposure shots of a fountain and finishing the roll down at my local park lake. As you will see below all the images are dark due… Continue reading Fuji GSW690iii Roll Three

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

For the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on 29th April 2018 I decided to head out to Stones of the Yarra Valley for sunrise. In my Vermeer Cameras, wooden panoramic pinhole camera I still had a full roll of Kodak T-Max 400 less the first two frames I had taken at home. This was still the… Continue reading Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Scanning Film

Film negative scan setup

When I decided to again pickup an analogue camera one important question was raised, how to print and share worthy frames. The laundry developing of B&W negatives proved to be easier than I remembered but printing and sharing still needed to be worked out. I decided on a hybrid approach as there was no possibility… Continue reading Scanning Film

An Evening with Photo Rangers

Lighting the way.

Last Saturday night I found myself on Bore Beach behind San Remo with Dale from Photo Rangers. It was a last-minute decision to join one of his workshops geared towards wave action & night sky photography. A small class of five participants, which allowed Dale to give advice & guidance to those that required it.… Continue reading An Evening with Photo Rangers

37 Year Old ILford Film

Testing 37 year old ILford film with in date Kodak 400 Tmax.

As part of a Darkroom pickup I obtained three (3) free bulk loaders. Two of the loaders had film still inside & one was brand new never used & all were still in their box’s. The first used one had a tape label, FP4 August 1980 & the other had ILford HP5 400 ASA 17… Continue reading 37 Year Old ILford Film

Rye MilkyWay Panorama

Have a few days off leading up to Easter this year, so I’m down at Rye on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. One of the photos I would like to make is a panorama of the Milkyway, so I thought this trip would be the ideal time to have a go. Not an easy… Continue reading Rye MilkyWay Panorama

White Night Melbourne 2016

Melbourne hosted White Night on Saturday 20th Feb & I had a walk around with a few friends.   3. Pitcha Makin’ Fellas, Royal Exhibition Building façade   8. Old Melbourne Gaol, 377 Russell Street   32. Neon Laneway, Rutledge Lane   50. Federation Federation, Square façades

Iridium Flare

An Iridium Flare is sunlight reflected from a satellite, below is a direct quote from the iPhone app Star Guide. Iridium 82 is one of 66 active communication satellites launched in the late 1990s and owned by Iridium Communications Inc. The fleet was named after the 77th element on the periodic table—as it was originally… Continue reading Iridium Flare

Digitizing Analogue Photos

I listen to a photography podcast, tfttf (Tips from the top floor) by Chris Marquardt. In episode 663 Chris interviews Sina Farhat from Gothenborg, Sweden, who tells us about his method of scanning film with a DSLR. Here is his site with his setup details. That got me thinking about all the analogue photos I have… Continue reading Digitizing Analogue Photos

Chronos 2.0 Build

Chronos 2.0 is a Time Lapse camera slide with lead screw control.   Designed built and loved by Chris Field. See Facebook page for contact details. The home can be found here. The Vimeo site is here and the Facebook page. This will be my build blog as I have just received the kit.  … Continue reading Chronos 2.0 Build

Macro Slide for Focus Stacking

My third Arduino project was inspired by the second, the Timelapse Slide. This project was to include an existing Manfrotto 454 Micrometric Positioning Sliding Plate. with this slide & a stepper motor I hope to be able to do some Focus Stacking have a look at Zerene Stacker the software I intend to use. Attached… Continue reading Macro Slide for Focus Stacking