The Melbourne Camera Club Photowalk July 2018

Have been thinking of joining The Melbourne Camera Club for a little while now. Browsing their website I found the post for a Photowalk so I thought I’d participate to have a look. 

The theme was B&W which fitted right in with my current interest shooting older B&W film cameras. Below is a series of images from that day, sticking with my idea of posting all images.

This series was shot on a Canon F1n with the Canon 55mm f1.2 for the first fifteen images and then I moved on to the Canon 20mm f2.8. Developed in Kodak D-76 for 12.5 minutes at 20c. Digitised using a Canon 5d3, 50mm f.14 and a Polaroid HD Slide Duplicator. Images were then imported into Lightroom & treated as I would with any other image.