The Melbourne Camera Club Photowalk July 2018

Have been thinking of joining The Melbourne Camera Club for a little while now. Browsing their website I found the post for a Photowalk so I thought I’d participate to have a look.  The theme was B&W which fitted right in with my current interest shooting older B&W film cameras. Below is a series of… Continue reading The Melbourne Camera Club Photowalk July 2018

Three Camera Study

Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera @26mm

I was setting up my Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera and I had worked out the following details, Focal Length of 26mm Aperture 0.15mm F-Stop of f187 I thought I would test out as much as possible during the first roll, so I decided to shoot the same scene with the Vermeer & my 5D3. I… Continue reading Three Camera Study

Scanning Film

Film negative scan setup

When I decided to again pickup an analogue camera one important question was raised, how to print and share worthy frames. The laundry developing of B&W negatives proved to be easier than I remembered but printing and sharing still needed to be worked out. I decided on a hybrid approach as there was no possibility… Continue reading Scanning Film