Three Camera Study

Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera @26mm

I was setting up my Vermeer Panoramic Pinhole Camera and I had worked out the following details, Focal Length of 26mm Aperture 0.15mm F-Stop of f187 I thought I would test out as much as possible during the first roll, so I decided to shoot the same scene with the Vermeer & my 5D3. I… Continue reading Three Camera Study

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

For the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on 29th April 2018 I decided to head out to Stones of the Yarra Valley for sunrise. In my Vermeer Cameras, wooden panoramic pinhole camera I still had a full roll of Kodak T-Max 400 less the first two frames I had taken at home. This was still the… Continue reading Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

37 Year Old ILford Film

Testing 37 year old ILford film with in date Kodak 400 Tmax.

As part of a Darkroom pickup I obtained three (3) free bulk loaders. Two of the loaders had film still inside & one was brand new never used & all were still in their box’s. The first used one had a tape label, FP4 August 1980 & the other had ILford HP5 400 ASA 17… Continue reading 37 Year Old ILford Film