Fuji GSW690iii Roll Three

Roll three out of the Fuji GSW690iii saw a few shots out at Stones of the Yarra Valley after I shot with my Pinhole camera. A couple of long exposure shots of a fountain and finishing the roll down at my local park lake.

As you will see below all the images are dark due to developing for 12:30 minutes in Kodak D-76 stock solution instead of 1:1 mix. I need to do more developing to get my workflow in order and committed to memory.

The film is Kodak T-Max 400

Frame one, hand held 1/90, f11, K2 yellow filter.
Frame two, hand held 1/125, f11, K2 yellow filter.
Frame three, 1/90, f8, K2 yellow filter.
Frame four, 32 seconds, f32, ND1000.
Frame five, 2 minutes 30 seconds, f32, ND1000.
Frame six, 38 sec, f32, ND1000.
Frame seven, 1/125, f9.5, YA3 orange filter.
Frame eight, 45 sec, f32, ND1000.

I always import all my images into Lightroom and pushed most of these as much as possible.

For each frame the details are recorded on the “Film Roll” app along with an image to assist identifying each frame.